Audi Sport boss says electric sports-car plans need more thought

The boss of Audi Sport understands the need for electric sports activities vehicles, however isn’t satisfied they’re smartly thought out but, with the logo refusing to release one till it’s finished the fitting manner.

Speaking solely to CarAdvice on the 2017 Frankfurt motor display, Audi Sport boss Stephan Winkelmann expressed the demanding situations that also need to be triumph over prior to a transfer to electric sports activities vehicles.

“It’s a must. Not only because people want the car, but because it helps with the image and helping margins of today for investments of tomorrow. This is one of the effects, on the other hand we are very much looking into what electrification is in terms of sportiness,” Winkelmann mentioned.

“It needs to be explained in my opinion. More and more people are asking me, not only from your side, but from the customer side. Where are we heading, it’s important to understand when we speak about sports cars and electric cars in combination, the range, how long you can hold top speed, how many times you can accelerate from 0-100, how many metres you cover in the first 2.5 seconds.”

While an electric car might be offering fantastic directly line efficiency, it may be restricted relating to dealing with dynamics. This is any other level Winkelmann understands and desires to deal with prior to Audi commits to an electric sports activities automobile long run.

“It’s not only about longitudinal acceleration, it’s about dynamics. There are a lot of devices that can help you. The cars will be heavier for the first generations, so you need to explain what this is going to be about.”

Either manner, we all know that Audi is rolling out new fashions, with the Audi game vary expanding from 11 to 16 fashions over the following 36 months and a dedication to have a complete electric car from 2020.

Would you pressure a complete electric sports activities automobile over one with an inside combustion engine?

Audi Sport boss says electric sports-car plans need more thought

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