Aston Martin DB4 GT: driving the £1.5m recreation of a classic

The prospect of an empty racetrack and a sports activities automotive is an attractive aggregate, however there are some considerable catches to creating first acquaintance with the ‘Continuation’ Aston Martin DB4 GT at Silverstone on a damp day in January.

The air temperature is a bracing six levels, the greasy National Circuit hasn’t had a wheel became in anger upon it since sooner than the Christmas spoil – and the American purchaser of the prototype that I’m driving isn’t going to wish to to find any further patina when he’s taking supply.

Continuation fashions are obviously now a factor, with the DB4 GT following Jaguar’s resolution to provide six new E-Type Lightweights, and having introduced a identical run of 9 XKSSs. But Aston’s mission is altogether extra bold, with the run of 25 DB4 GTs constructed to the similar specification as the unique Lightweight justified as representing the steadiness of the 100 fashions Aston used to be intended to have constructed to take the automotive racing.

All had been offered, regardless of a price ticket of £1.five million sooner than taxes and choices.

Buyers are getting what’s just about a clone of the unique Lightweight GT, constructed the use of the similar fabrics and strategies as the unique, however with some delicate enhancements as neatly. Aston Martin’s Works department scanned a number of unique DB4 GTs and used loads of blueprints to create plans for the new one. Some unique providers had been gotten smaller to provide portions once more, together with Italian corporate Borrani for the cord wheels.

This analysis additionally exposed flaws, with Paul Spires, Works’ industrial director, admitting that the unique DB4 GT chassis had been all made with a slight kink that has been corrected. Tolerances are tighter, and the prototype’s immaculate paint end appears a ways crisper than the end I believe the unique vehicles would have left the manufacturing unit with. Spires reckons that Works has put about 4500 hours of effort into each and every automotive. That determine excludes the chassis and engine, that are constructed by way of providers.

This isn’t an try at a made-better restomod. The best adjustments which have been made are protection similar, and are successfully the similar as the ones you may to find in an unique DB4 GT used for ancient racing.

There’s a complete roll-cage, trendy bucket seats with six-point harnesses and each a hearth extinguisher and battery cut-off. There’s additionally an FIA-spec gas bag within the tank to cut back the chance of leakage. It’s glaring inside of part a lap that the aggregate of Silverstone’s slick floor and thin period-spec rubber approach there’s little grip, however the basics are all just right. The Continuation has been given a brawnier four.2-litre immediately six in position of the unique three.7-litre, with the rear axle suffering to seek out enough traction to deploy anything else like its top of 331bhp, even on the straights.

In corners the limits really feel very low, the DB4 GT slithering into ungainly understeer at what feels instinctively like a very modest tempo in Becketts. But it’s my method that’s at fault, relatively than the automotive. The DB4 GTis a delicate beast and must be gently shepherded against an apex, with energy then fed in sensitively. It’s quickest at the edge of energy oversteer, even supposing the slippery prerequisites make judging the steadiness a problem. Small surprise such a lot of photos of the originals racing display four-wheel drifts.

Yet the DB4 GT is pleasant too, and far much less intimidating than the top-flight racers that adopted it. Steering is low geared however chatty, throttle reaction remarkable and the company brake pedal delivers each unusually cast retardation and a company platform for the heel-and-toe paintings made important by way of the canine ring gearbox. The four-speeder lacks synchromesh and subsequently wishes avenue and engine velocity to be matched for easy adjustments, even supposing by way of the time my brief stint ends I’m beginning to get the cling of it.

The other ways required to pressure the DB4 GT have given Aston every other alternative, with homeowners additionally presented a two-year observe driving programme and driving force tuition, with the Continuation additionally eligible for a number of ancient racing classes. Let’s hope that the consumers use the vehicles as Aston obviously intends them to.


JAGUAR E-TYPE: Jaguar kicked off the ‘continuation’ pattern by way of generating six Lightweight E-Types and 9 examples of the XKSS, all to era specification.

LISTER KNOBBLY: Lister is making 10 road-legal examples of its swoopy Jaguar-powered sports activities racer, trustworthy to the 1958 specification and priced from £225,000.

SUPERFORMANCE GT40: Not slightly the similar factor, this ‘tribute’ GT40 appears similar to its 1966 predecessor, however comes with trendy suspension and air conditioning.

Born to race: 

The GT used to be designed to head racing and sits on a shortened model of the DB4 chassis. The unique automotive’s 302bhp three.7-litre straight-six engine made it the quickest road- authorized automotive in the global at the time of its advent in 1959, with a claimed 151mph peak velocity.

Stirling Moss took victory in the automotive’s first race, the International Trophy at Silverstone in May 1959. Values of originals have sped up in recent times – you may most likely need to spend £3m to bag a non-lightweight GT.

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Aston Martin DB4 GT: driving the £1.5m recreation of a classic

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