Diesel hit hard as January car sales fall by 6.3%

Falling diesel car sales in January are the main explanation why for an general decline in the United Kingdom car marketplace within the first month of the yr.

The information displays a unbroken pattern: in 2017, UK car sales dropped by five.7%, with a 17.1% decline in diesels. However, diesels had been hit even more difficult against the tip of ultimate yr, with a fall of 31.1% from July to December.

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The collection of diesel-engined vehicles offered in the United Kingdom dropped by 25.6% in January, contributing to an general lower of 6.three% (or 162,615 devices offered) when compared with the similar month ultimate yr, in step with the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT).

Petrol car sales rose by eight.five% and on the other hand fuelled automobiles by 23.nine%, however either one of those will increase didn’t offset the continuing fall in diesel registrations. 

SMMT leader government Mike Hawes stated: “The ongoing and substantial decline in new diesel car registrations is concerning, particularly since the evidence indicates consumers and businesses are not switching into alternative technologies but keeping their older cars running.”

He added: “Given fleet renewal is the fastest way to improve air quality and reduce CO2, we need government policy to encourage take-up of the latest advanced low-emissiond diesels as, for many drivers, they remain the right choice economically and environmentally.”

The SUV segement used to be the one one to turn expansion in January, with a 6.6% uplift resulting in a document marketplace percentage. They now account for a 5th of all new car registrations. 

The greatest section declines had been mini, MPV and government segments.

The Ford Fiesta, which holds the highest spot the vast majority of the time, used to be a runaway luck in January, promoting 8335 devices. By comparability, the second-placed Volkswagen Golf accounted for 4310 devices. The Ford Focus got here 3rd. 

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Diesel hit hard as January car sales fall by 6.three%

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