Hennessey-tuned Camaro exorcises the Dodge Demon – VIDEO

Hennessey Performance has picked up the gauntlet laid down through the Dodge Demon, outrunning the factory-fresh Fiat Chrysler dragster in a Camaro known as ‘The Exorcist’.

Based on a Chevrolet Camaro ZL1, The Exorcist has been boosted to 756kW and 1197Nm. The effects are predictably spectacular.

The hotted-up Chevy ran a 2.1-second Zero-60mph (Zero-97km/h) dash, pulled to 100mph (161km/h) in four.7 seconds and ran the quarter mile in nine.57 seconds at 236km/h.

By manner of comparability, the Demon hits 60mph in 2.three seconds, runs to 100mph in five.1 seconds and does the quarter mile in nine.65 seconds at 255km/h.

Check it out in the video above – and tell us, would you slightly a Demon or The Exorcist for supernatural thrills?

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Hennessey-tuned Camaro exorcises the Dodge Demon – VIDEO

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