Opinion: Why won’t some car firms call an SUV an SUV?

There are in all probability no letters extra trendy within the car business at the moment than SUV. Car consumers love them and so, predictably, producers are racing to construct them. 

There’s no disgrace in that; a company making automobiles that the general public desires to shop for isn’t simply excellent trade follow, it’s simple commonplace sense. Except some firms are tripping over themselves to steer clear of the usage of the time period SUV.

An instance: in a press unencumber confirming its first SUV could be known as the Cullinan, Rolls-Royce referred to the device as a ‘high-sided vehicle’. This used to be therefore tweaked to ‘high-bodied vehicle’, possibly as a result of ‘high-sided vehicle’ feels like this type of factor you’ll be able to’t force over the Severn Bridge all through excessive winds.

Meanwhile, Ferrari has spent ages denying it used to be making an SUV – in spite of everybody just about realizing it’s. And that is it appears since the corporate’s going to label the type an FUV. That’s a Ferrari software car – as a result of, neatly, as a result of.

Lamborghini a minimum of admits that its new Urus is an SUV, even supposing it insists on calling it a ‘super sports utility vehicle’ – a moniker that the moderately bonkers design is helping it pull off.

Now, I will be able to see why Rolls-Royce and Ferrari may well be reluctant to make use of any time period that might make one in every of their automobiles sound even vaguely associated with a Nissan Qashqai or Ford Kuga.

And, granted, the SUV marketplace continues to be growing, as are the phrases that divide the various sizes and ranges of automobiles inside of this phase, from compact crossovers to sports activities SUVs. But, truly, no person goes to mistake a Cullinan for a Qashqai, even though they are each extensively labelled SUVs. 

Does a ‘high-bodied vehicle’ truly put across any further sense of luxurious than an SUV? Are Ferrari consumers any longer more likely to snap up an FUV than an SUV? I am not satisfied in both case.

Frankly, I do not see the purpose of any emblem creating a car that walks and talks like an SUV after which now not labelling it an SUV. Given their recognition, it’s now not just like the car-buying public is eliminate by way of SUVs (in contrast to MPVs or estates, which producers carry out lyrical gymnastics to steer clear of). So why now not call a proverbial SUV spade a spade?

I reckon each Rolls-Royce and Ferrari may take a lead from Maserati’s advertising and marketing line for the Levante: the Maserati of SUVs. Genius. It mainly says: it’s an SUV, but it surely’s additionally a Maserati, so it’s k.

Let’s face it: if persons are out there for a top class, ultra-luxury SUV, wouldn’t it’s more straightforward to promote them the ‘Rolls-Royce of SUVs’ relatively than a ‘Rolls-Royce high-bodied car’?

So what do you assume – is there any disgrace in calling an SUV what it’s?

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Opinion: Why won’t some car firms call an SUV an SUV?

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