‘Predator face’ reserved for progressive models

Both the brand new Mercedes-Benz A-Class and CLS have competitive triangular headlamps and reversed grille form, however this glance won’t unfold all through the emblem’s complete vary of automobiles.

Gorden Wagener, leader design officer of Mercedes-Benz, instructed Australian media, on the release of the brand new A-Class, the automobile’s ‘predator face’ might be “dedicated to our most progressive cars”.

Top and underneath: A-Class. Above: CLS.

According to Wagener, each the A-Class and CLS are “very design-orientated” cars. The design leader says the automobiles are “very much on opposite ends of our range, so they don’t hurt each other”.

When requested immediately if the so-called predator face can be carried out to a mainstream sedan fashion, just like the C-Class, Wagener categorically mentioned, “No”. He later emphasized the next-generation C-Class would have a “different face”.

Regarding long run variants spun off from the A-Class’s new platform, such because the next-generation GLA crossover and CLA four-door ‘coupe’, Wagener responded, “Well, they will have a different face than [the A-Class]”.

You can take a look at secret agent footage of the impending CLA, B-Class, GLA, and GLB.

As a ways because the just-launched A-Class is worried, the design boss is especially pleased with the auto’s triangular headlamps, which he claims “actually have never been tried before”.

“It’s very hard to do headlamps so small,” Wagener stated. “We squeezed the engineers here quite a bit, but it makes [the A-Class] super aggressive, super high tech and modern looking.”

He additionally famous the “geometry of the graphics is very much in contrast to the softness of the body”.

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‘Predator face’ reserved for progressive models

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