Toyota Australia hybrid line-up to include eight models by 2020

Toyota Australia has showed it is going to build up its hybrid lineup from 5 to eight models by the top of 2020, reinforcing its dedication to generation the logo says will lend it a more potent foothold out there.

The present Toyota hybrid vary comprises the Prius C, Corolla Hybrid, Prius V, Prius and Camry Hybrid. The 3 further models are but to be showed, however they most probably received’t include the recently-launched and highly regarded CH-R compact SUV.

Speaking to Australian media on the Geneva motor display nowadays, vice-president for gross sales and advertising at Toyota Australia, Sean Hanley, highlighted the deliberate expansion for hybrid cars in the community.

“Hybrid is a very important drivetrain for Toyota, one that we have been developing for 17 years in this country so it’s not like we just turned up today. We have been doing it a long time,” Hanley stated.

“We will have eight hybrid models in the Toyota models by the end of 2020, of which three of those will be new models.”

Hanley stated with strict CO2 laws most probably to hit Australia between 2020 and 2025, Toyota is in a powerful place to take on the demanding situations.

“We are well positioned and I say that with some confidence, because we have been on the hybrid journey for 17 years in this country and 20 years as a global company. Our parent company has made it very clear that we will increase our hybrid and fuel cell sales significantly to what it is today.”

According to Hanley, Toyota globally will put money into 3 core applied sciences for its long run passenger cars, with diesel as soon as once more nowhere in sight. That will permit the native arm to mix-and-match because it sees are compatible for our marketplace.

“Where we’re very lucky, in particular in Australia, is that you’ve got 3 choice gas resources for automobiles; hybrid electrical, plug-in electrical and also you even have now the hydrogen fuel-cell – and we’re trialling the ones automobiles in Australia.

“Where we are in a great position of strength [is that] we can choose from a number of markets what cars we need to bring to Australia.”

While the hybrid lately accounting for an outstanding 40 according to cent of Camry gross sales, the longer term for plug-in hybrids in Australia turns out rather bleaker, a minimum of within the quick time period.

“Plug-in is not something we have ruled out [but] we have no firm plan for one at this stage,” Hanley stated.

“We consider that the hybrid electrical automobile with the infrastructure that we have got nowadays is definitely supported.

“In the Australian market people drive long distances, we believe that right now the hybrid-petrol car is the most suitable outcome for our market… [I am] not convinced that the Australian market will gravitate to plug-in.”

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Toyota Australia hybrid line-up to include eight models by 2020

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